My new place is finished. I'm 98% finished with the unpacking. All that's left is to move a few boxes into the garage and then I'm pretty sure I'll be done.

My bedroom is very calming. The walls are a blueish green, the trim is a dark chocolate brown and the carpet is cerulean. It sounds like a hideous combination but I'm very happy with the calming atmosphere it creates. I'll take some photos once I'm 100% satisfied with it.

More car trouble. Yesterday morning, Dave and I were driving to Chicago and my power steering went out. The temperature gauge said the engine was hot. Not having ample amounts of time to further investigate, I was forced to borrow my Mother's car for the trip and leave mine at Parkside.

Examining it closer showed that the fan belt had come off due to something getting bent inside the engine, so my car was running entirely off the battery. No good. My father was kind enough to tow it with his Dodge to get it home to work on it further. Hopefully it will be fixed soon with moderate expense.

I'm looking forward to relaxing after a hectic week involving lots of hard work at S&B as well as plenty of packing, painting, moving, unpacking, and car trouble. It's supposed to storm pretty badly today which limits me to indoor activities but I suppose it's not all bad. Sitting around is probably good for me at this point. Seems like things have been moving non-stop since last week.

I very much miss Dave, even though he just left yesterday. The entire time he was here I never stopped smiling. He helped me paint, helped me pack, helped me move - all without hesitation or complaint. He literally enjoyed every second of being here (either that or he's a fantastic actor). He babied my sprained ankle more than I did. He took care of me, just like he said he would. I hope he enjoyed it here as much as I enjoyed having him here. It was quite an amazing experience. Your company is very much missed...

Current Music: Blue October - Come In Closer

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