Just wanted to explain my little absence from the internet. Friday I had to work from noon until 8, but unfortunately I had a headache that started at 1pm Thursday and by 6pm Friday it was horrible and I was in tears, so work sent me home and I wound up in the emergency room because nothing would get rid of it and I couldn't stand it anymore. I felt nauseous and light headed on top of the pain. I went to Prompt Care first and they gave me a shot of Toridall which did nothing - so they sent me over to the ER because they didn't have anything stronger.

So. At the ER I got an IV in my hand (arm veins were being a pain in the ass apparently) with Benadryl (apparently to calm my senses?) and a painkiller (I forgot the name). By the time the painkiller was in my system I was nodding in and out and barely able to speak or keep my eyes open. I was there until 11pm (arrived at roughly 6:30pm) and when I got home all I could do was sleep. (They gave me a prescription for Ultram, a narcotic-like pain reliever, as well. I've yet to fill it because most of what I did on Saturday was sleep, but I'll be filling it after work today.)

Saturday - Still feeling the effects of the IV, I slept until 10:30am or so. Woke up, hopped online, wound up doing half a Kara run with assholes that think sexism is okay and made jokes about men ignoring women for a very good reason, so I left the run which wound up exploding into guild chat where 80% of the people online were telling me I was just being oversensitive and it was "a joke" and "not intended to hurt my feelings"... So after I had about enough of that, I gquit and went back to bed (around 5pm or so). I woke up at midnight and remembered I have to be to work this morning at 8am until 4pm, so I forced myself to go back to sleep. I just now woke up at 5:30am.

My legs and butt are still sore from assembling tables at work on Friday - if I were in better shape that stuff would be easier, but alas - I'm not. I think I screwed up my ankle somehow too as it's hurt pretty profusely since then and I can't put all my weight on it without a sharp pain.

Soooo that, in a nutshell, was my weekend. Hooray!

At least I have plenty of time to shower and eat some food before work. Perhaps today will be a tad easier. And no more $#@%ing headaches.

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