Miscellaneous Shots - 2010

Valentine's Day, 2010

New York Photos - April, 2008 / The Hamptons & Manhattan

The first is from my flight into Laguardia. The second is Grand Central Station. The third is a restaurant inside The Empire State Building. The third is one of the sandy beaches in The Hamptons. The last picture is the sunset over the bay between Port Jefferson and Bridgeport, NY.

Family on Father's Day - June 2007

My brother and his two beautiful children on Father's Day at my parent's home. (I swear the 5th picture wasn't my fault. I'm just an innocent bystander, taking advantage of a photo op. Honest.)

Self Portraits - Miscellaneous Dates

The View - January, 2005

Taken from the 17th floor of River City Condos in Chicago, IL.

Church Garden in Downtown Chicago - Circa February, 2005

A small Catholic Church smack in the middle of the hustle and bustle of downtown, right across the street from Watertown shopping center. You wouldn't notice this beauty unless you got out of your car (or taxi, in my case) and walked.