My birthday this year was mighty fun. Spent time with family (seeing my extended family from Virginia was wonderful) and friends, had a lot of out-of-state visitors. Blowing up the castle cakes with firecrackers was probably my favorite part of the evening. (Yes. You heard me right. We baked two cakes in a castle-shaped cake pan, took them outside, stuffed firecrackers in them, lit the fuse and ran. It was my Mother's idea for my nephew several years ago and I just loved it, so I wanted to do it this year.)

There was food. So much food. The party was quite large actually, much larger than I was expecting. Loud music played throughout the house as my collection of loved ones shuffled throughout my home. It felt like it was Christmas, a little.

My mother baked me a Harry Potter birthday cake like I asked. It looked like this but with chocolate frosting instead. It even said "Happee Birthdae Harry" on it and had the crack down the middle. Don't ask me why I wanted one, I just did for some reason.

I recieved gifts this year, as well.

Sheep decided he wanted to re-build my entire computer setup this year as m gift. In approximately a week, I'll be receiving a new custom built computer with an excellent video card, 2 gigs of ram, 232gb hard drive and many more pretty features. He also purchased a new monitor for me - it's a 22" wide screen flat panel. I've never had a widescreen before, but it's gorgeous. I'll post pictures below.

Sam gave me a beta key for Wrath of the Lich king, which I've been playing incessantly since I recieved it. I have a gallery of screenshots uploaded here, so feel free to check them out. (And envy me. Muahaha.) [Sidenote: It's incredibly nice to talk to Sam again.]

I saw Chris (Drunky, as I used to call him) for the first time since he moved to Texas. I can't believe how tall he is... 6'3" is quite intimidating to a 5'5" woman. His gift to me was a few shots at the bar after my party was over. ;) Steve was here as well, and brought with him the gift of infinite hugs and tons of laughs. (Best free present ever, IMO. Plus he drove my "drunk ass" [I was not drunk, but everyone said I was] home that evening.)

All in all, my birthday was spectacular this year. I hope I'll see more friends and family next year for another gathering.

In other news, I may be getting a new car. It's a 2001 Jetta that looks almost exactly like this one, except I think the one I'm thinking of buying might be in better shape than the one in the photo. (I had to google search for a shot of one.) I'm in the process of loan talks with my bank right now. My current car has been good to me and lasted through a lot but I think it's on it's last legs now. If I do get this new car, traveling will be much easier. I've wanted to take more trips... California, Florida, Texas, New York, Kentucky, Ohio... All these places I'd like to go, but I can't drive there because I think my car would implode. Not a comforting feeling.

In my last bit of updating, I'd like to show you some Myspace layouts I've been whipping up via commissions or referrals. They can all be found here.

I suppose that's all for now. Keep in touch, everyone.

Current Music: Bob Marley - This is Love

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