Being a woman with a Grandmother that battled chronic breast cancer, I know how difficult cancer can be on a family's emotions, optimism and finances. Mark, a friend of mine, has a daughter he affectionately calls Boo. Boo was diagnosed with cancer two months ago. They have no insurance and no funds with which to get treatment, so this evening they are hosting a benefit at Paradise West to aid the cause and cushion the emotional and financial blow. It would help them greatly to see members of the community supporting a good cause and wishing them well.

Mark asked me to sing, which I would not turn down.

It would mean a lot to their family (and to me) if you could show up or donate to their cause. Please e-mail me at luridbeauty @ gmail. com for more information on how you can donate, or show up tonight at Paradise West on Washington Avenue, in Racine.

Paradise West
(262) 886-5151

The event begins around 2pm and goes late into the evening.

Reach into your heart and give a little bit back to someone who really needs it right now.

With hope,

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