Halloween was a blast. I wore a French Maid costume. I know what you're thinking: OMGSHORT?! Yes. Yes it was. I looked fantastic, if I do say so myself. Brett, Erica, Travis and I went to McCulliffe's first and had a few drinks (including a very delicious Pumpkin Spice shot) and then went back to Erica's for the house party. There was lots of alcohol. I got sick. >.> Thankfully a big strong Marine carried me upstairs and put me in the guest room so I could pass out. The night was tame but very fun. One of my  best Halloweens yet. :)

I also received my new gaming PC from Sheep. The graphics are simply amazing and the extra RAM is very noticeable. Combine the new PC with the new monitor and my rig is very, very impressive. <3

I'm broke, but that's no surprise. I've been riding on E for the past week even though gas prices are dropping. My car also needs new windshield wipers and a plate renewal. I also need to renew my license which expired in September. Oops. >.>;

I'm quite pleased that Obama won the election. It's a much needed change. I'm hoping America can move forward now into a better era. I trotted over to the local voting booths on November 3rd and cast my ballot for Obama, picked up my "I Voted Today!" sticker and wore it with pride. That night, I watched in silence and awe as our new President delivered an amazing speech to ring in his victory. I'm proud of America. We've come a long way since racism and slavery. It's high time that we can prove that enough people in America don't care about skin color, but instead care about who YOU are inside. Who you are isn't as simple as your nationality and shouldn't be subjected to such superficial organization.

I have quite a long day ahead of me tomorrow, so I should probably head to sleep.

Take care, until next I write.

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