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I apologize for my extended absence from the website. I have no excuse other than laziness and being distracted by shiny objects.

Christmas is here. I blew all my money on gifts, as I'm prone to do. I am now practically penniless, but satisfied. I really hope everyone enjoys the presents I got for them.

I ended my most recent relationship. It was for the best, for many reasons. I was upset for a day or two and now I'm fine. It's amazing how easy people make it to move on, sometimes.

As I type this, my extended family is filing into my house little by little; saturating the space with bodies and warmth. I love Christmas Eve. I see my family together for a joyous occasion; most of the time we get together only for weddings (which are also lovely occasions) and funerals, where the mood is obviously dreary.

For Christmas, my parents bestowed upon me a new car. I'm quite excited - my old car was on it's last leg, I believe. It leaked exhaust fumes inside the car, the muffler and exhaust system were totally shot, the air conditioning didn't work and it periodically leaked transmission/brake fluid. It still runs and a friend of mine is looking to purchase it. While I'm leery of selling it to her because it's basically a rolling trash can, it will allow her to see her son every once in a while which is very important to her (and me, for that matter).

My employer, Steve and Barry's, is closing their chain for good in January, 2009. After my location closes I'll be visiting a friend in Texas for an unknown length of time before I begin school. I'm finally going back to school and I couldn't be happier about it. When I had it, I didn't want it - but now that I'm sick of my life and tired of being in a never-ending stalemate, I WANT to progress, learn and expand myself. It's a very positive decision and I'm proud of myself for making it.

My hair is almost dry after taking my shower, so I'm going to doll myself up and socialize with my family. I suggest you all do the same, should you have the chance.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

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