Life is going on at a somewhat slow but bearable pace. Work is giving me more hours; a whopping 12 - but, it's more money in my pocket which I can't sneer at.

My cell phone got shut off due to lack of funds available to pay the bill. I figured I'd pay three of my  bills instead of just one and so it remains off. The best way to get a hold of me now is via AIM - SweetBrugmansia.

My headaches persist. A certain phenomena occurs occasionally when I'm about to get an intense headache: I lose peripheral vision in my right eye. It's like someone puts a cone of blurry mass over the corner of my eye and I can't see anything to my right. When this happens I'm barely able to read (books, text on the PC, etc.) and driving is difficult. I've only had it happen once while driving,  but thankfully I was a minute from home. I've been keeping track of when it happens. It's been occurring since June 30th of 2007. Normally I'm at the computer when it happens with the exception of once while driving and once at the living room window. I can tell when it's about to happen. I can't explain it. After having "good" vision for most of my life, I can just sense when something is wrong with my sight and this craziness is about to begin.

After doing a little research on Wikipedia, I've found what's happening is most likely a migraine aura - the onset of a migraine. Otherwise known as tunnel vision. I'll have to go to my doctor to make a real diagnosis of course, but it sounds a lot like my symptoms.

My sister in law says it could possibly be a vision problem, and I might need glasses. I'll have to make an appointment for an eye exam and see if that's the case. If it really is that simple, I'll be very pleased. I'd like to stop the headaches or at least find a way to prevent them from happening so frequently.

I didn't mention this before because I didn't want to make a big deal out of it then, but I've been dating someone new for a while now. After Adam and I broke up I was really skeptical about getting into another relationship. I still carry baggage from former relationships - I think breakups bring them all back for a period of time. Anyway... I carried a lot of baggage from my relationship with Adam and I didn't really WANT another one, but when I met Dave I he made me feel so very relaxed and at ease. He made me so happy and carefree that I let go of the weights I was carrying and helped me be myself again. I tried so hard not to fall for him. I was wary of it. I didn't want another failed relationship. He swept me off my feet completely.

He's incredibly funny. He makes me laugh all the time. He's generous - when my WoW account was hacked last month, he had made up his mind that if the GMs didn't restore my gear, he was going to put his 70 priest on a separate account and give him to me so I wouldn't be heartbroken over losing all my hard work. He's handsome - his eyes are such an intense blue and his lips are so very kissable. He's comforting. He'll talk to me and do everything to calm me down and make me feel better, even if I'm just being overly emotional (which is nice, because I feel stupid for being so emotional but he tries to eliminate that feeling). He even gave me his Netflix account information so I could watch movies at home. It may seem trivial to most people ("Oh wow, Netflix. That's almost like an engagement ring. LOSER.") but to me it shows the little things matter most. He's an amazing guy and I'm incredibly lucky to have him.

You were such a surprise...
An unexpected gift.
Said I was pretty, and I believed it.
Not really used to all this attention.
Told myself I don't deserve you
And this is just a phase.
Could I get used to being loved the right way?
I wanna argue, but there is nothing to say...

'Cuz you send me flowers when there's no occasion
Yeah we talk for hours, you still wanna listen.
Won't hold it against me if I just need you to hold me tonight...
My mother always told me that you'd show up one day
So scared to feel this way...
But love, I think I'm ready... Ready for it.

Current Music:
Katy Perry - I Think I'm Ready

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