I did say I'd post the pictures from New York.

#1 - Airplane pictures are fun to take. That's what Chicago looked like from above, that day. Cool whip.
#2 - Ocean.
#3 - Ocean.
#4 - Sunset over the bay.
#5 - Grand Central Station, Manhattan.
#6 - Chrysler Building, as seen from the Empire State Building.
#7 - Empire State Building lobby.
#8 - Lunch, at the Empire State restaurant.
#9 - Garden behind the museum we went to (Manhattan).
#10 - Shot from a taxi (Manhattan).
#11 - Random statue I thought was pretty. I think we were near 91st street (Manhattan).
#12 - Tulips, shot by request (Manhattan).
#13 - I had to get acrobatic to get this shot. Aerial view of Montauk. (NOT taken in Manhattan.)
#14 - Foliage on a path near the overlook in Montauk.
#15 - Tiki torch from James' back deck - just love the way the vines grew around it.

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